Here at Studio Sixteens, when you book your session with us, you also get to have your make-up done before the session to make you look your best.

Now we realise that most of you will be used to doing your own make-up, and no doubt have your way of doing things. But when you come to us, we’re not here to give you a makeover and turn you into someone different, we want to make you look your best and bring out your best features.

Make-up for behind the camera is very different to make-up for a night out (or indeed a day at college).

Image of Make-Up

When you arrive, we ask that you are make-up free, cleansed, and moisturised. Looking after teenage skin is a mission in itself, but there are some wonderful products out there perfect for breakouts and keeping oily skin in tip-top condition. You can check out our blog here on some great products perfect for young skin.

Stage 1 – Primer – This will be applied to your skin to give your face the perfect base and allow the foundation to sink into your skin nice and evenly.

2 – Foundation – I will pick a perfect colour for your skin tone. The most important thing with foundation at any age is that it matches your current skin tone. There are many fabulous brands out there perfect for young skin. And you don’t need to go too heavy. A fabulous tinted moisturiser or light coverage is much better with a touch of concealer than a full coverage base. (You’ve got plenty of years to use that).

3 – Setting with powder. This step is super important, it allows the rest of your makeup to glide on streak free and will eliminate any shine on your face. This gets picked up even more on camera. However, a light translucent powder is all you need.

4 – I start with eyes, but that’s just because it’s the way I like it. Eyebrows, the biggest and most controversial makeup trend of our time. Eyebrows are not supposed to have square edges, they should be defined, enhanced and shape your face. If you hold a ruler from the outside of your nose, past the edge of your eye and up towards your brow, this is where they should end. And you should not be drawing them any closer!! We are not trying to create a unibrow!! Enough said. Slug eyebrows are not pretty!

Shadow – I will choose colours that work with your eyes, your outfits and the look we are trying to create.

Then I will add some natural lashes if needs be and a slight touch of mascara!

Cheeks – firstly I will add a little bit of contour, again this should enhance, you don’t want to be able to see a stripe. Then a warm blush tone to bring out your cheekbones, followed by a little bit of highlighter.

5 – Finally lips. Again this will depend on our chosen look, if I choose a colour pop for your lips, we will keep eye colours natural, and vice versa.

Then you’re done!

Whilst we’re out shooting, I keep a mini make up kit with me so we can top up if needs be, and also it means we can change out a lip colour, or add a bit of definition to the eyes when we change a look.

Finally, don’t forget its all about you. Have an idea that you want to try? Or colours that you really hate? Tell us. At your initial consultation, we’ll talk to you about you, find out what you like, and what you don’t. Have some ideas? Send them over.

If you’re interested in having a session, give us a shout and we’ll talk you through all the options!


Hi, I’m Emma, photographer, blogger, make-up artist and mummy! Follow my blog for latest gossip, tips on beauty and make-up hacks, style advice and of course, to see the latest sessions I’ve been working on! xx