Apr 13, 2018 | SESSIONS |

Well I suppose we have to start somewhere! After being a newborn and baby photographer in Oxfordshire for the past 3 years, I have decided to expand in to the teenage girl photography market.

In the USA they call it Senior photography and its huuuuugggggeee! Every girl who can will have a senior portrait session when they leave school whether they are 16, 17, 18 or 19! Now, we don’t call it senior photography here, as most people just think about snapping your granny or grandad! But I’m pretty sure very soon every teenage girl here will be nagging mum and dad for a photoshoot!

As most teenage girls spend their life taking selfies and popping pictures of themselves on social media, what better excuse to get dressed up, do your hair and make-up and have a professional do the job for you!

With some amazing locations spread around the Oxfordshire countryside, we can have fun creating the perfect set of images for both mum, dad and daughter!

So welcome to my first session, Madison, who will be 17 next month! Maddie is my step-daughter and yes I might be biased, but absolutely gorgeous too! Not a blemish on her skin (I certainly don’t remember mine being like that at 16), and hair to die for!

We headed to a place I know well, Wallingford Castle Gardens and tried to grab our pics in between rain showers. Not a massive surprise being that its March in the UK!

We were lucky to not get soaked! Maddie, you were a star! I hope you love your images, they’ll be heading on to the wall soon!


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