Jan 13, 2019 | SESSIONS |

It’s widely known in the photography industry that the golden hour is the most beautiful hour to shoot. What we mean by that is the first hour of the morning when the sun is coming up, and even better, the last hour of the evening as the sun is going down. It gives the most subtle and stunning light, which can be extremely flattering, and give that wonderful golden glow to images. We’re not always blessed with a golden hour as perfect as the one we had the evening we photographed Alisha! 17-year-old Alisha’s love for beauty shined through! Already running her own thriving eyelash extension business whilst studying Engineering (brains and beauty), Alisha also has a love for anything creative, with Interior design also being one of her passions. We headed down to the river for this session, it had been raining continually for the few days leading up to her session, but we were absolutely blessed with the most stunning sunset and light, that was reflecting off the river and providing us with the perfect backdrop. Working with teen girls is something that we are so passionate about here at Studio Sixteens. We truly believe that a portrait session should be more than just taking pictures. It should be an unforgettable experience where they not only look beautiful – they genuinely feel beautiful, too. Every one of our girls has such a good time at their session because we make it about them! And of course we have fun too. It’s about building confidence and showing the world who they are! Thanks so much Alisha for choosing us to be your photographers! We had a blast.


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