About Me


How did I become a photographer? This is the part where I am supposed to write about when I first picked up a camera, but then you wouldn’t really be finding out about me now would you! Of course I love photography, doing this ‘job’ that should be a given, but me, the real Emma, what can I tell you…

I’m 40 something, although I still convince myself I’m 30 something. I have one beautiful daughter who I just adore. She’s 4, a complete bossy pants and she keeps me on my toes. I love music (mostly cheese), good shoes, (girls you know the ones), Jo Malone candles, anything from The White Company, sunshine, Cadbury chocolate, hydrangeas, food (especially cooked by someone else), Greys Anatomy, and David Beckham! And recently I have found my love of writing again, something I used to do a lot of when I was younger.I moved up to Oxfordshire when I met my husband, just over 10 years ago. And worked as an account director for a local marketing agency for many years before I decided to give it all up and change my career. Since then I haven’t looked back!

And then comes the why. I’m a soppy one, cry at everything. I want my daughter to grow up looking at images of her, us, her nannies & granddads and everyone in between, and to remind her of home. Pictures belong on walls, not on phones, or laptops, or ipads. Real ones you can touch and pick up, and smile at.

Want to find out more about? You can email me emma@studiosixteens.co.uk and I’ll tell you all you need to know!